The Path to Self-knowledge

Maha Yoga was codified in ├Źndia by Bhagavan Sri Ramana, so that it could be revealed to all, in accordance with the psychological, mental and spiritual readiness of each one. It is the conscious union with the divine Self and with all things of manifestation. Its aim is the Spiritual Self-Realization.

Currently, Maha Yoga is divulged all over the world, for its results are fast and efficient. In Brazil and in all of the West it is taught by the Hindu Master Sri Maha Krishna Swami and by Sutra Maha Devi, founders of the Sri Ramanashram Brasil, the place where the exercises and techniques for self-knowledge are practiced.

Maha Yoga is the union of techniques that harmonize the physical body, calm the mind, relax tensions, tame the hearts and lead to the most inner of our self. It comprises physical exercises that are the so called postures of yoga, breath control (pranayamas), Initiatic Meditation and Devotion.