Techniques of Maha Yoga

Yoga Postures: they lead to equilibrium and train the body to stay calm, in a correct attitude and free of tensions. In this serene and balanced estate the worries and sadness disappear, metabolism is restored and balanced, the body is strengthened and illnesses tend to disappear.

Pranayamas: the function of these exercises is to restore the influx of prana energy in the body – prana is the vital breath of everything and every being – eliminating toxins that block the vital streams. This energy allows the proper glandular and nervous development. Because of this any nervous and tense person can benefit very much with these practices.

Initiatic meditation: meditation is a natural estate that we all already have. No special level of evolution or knowledge is necessary for one to enter in meditation. All that is necessary is to calm the physical body, serene the mind and follow the Master´s advise. In the Bhagavan Sri Ramanashram everyone can have the Sacred Initiation given by a real Master, able to guide people acording to their mental, physical and spiritual conditions.

Devotion: in addition to the practice of meditation, Maha Yoga applies techniques of devotion that awaken the universal love and harmony. All troubles of man are due to the lack of this love.

Initiatic meditation and devotion are the two wings that enable us to fly towards the infinite. All fear, anxiety, depression and disharmony can be burned by the sacred sound.

Maha Yoga is a circle where all can converge in search for peace, because it delivers the means and the techniques to eliminate the internal enemies, to clarify oneself, and to rebuild the internal world of everyone upon solid and true basis.