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Crist of divine love

At every instant
Jesus is born in the heart of every creature,
In the right side of the chest.

He is the Light,
The Absolute Consciousness that comes to the surface.
He is the true life,
The Supreme Force that is reflected
In all beings of the universe.

He is the Supreme Self that,
With infinite power
Comes to illuminate the world
In this time of spiritual unconsciousness,
So that all can recover the consciousness about the divine,
So that all can integrate
Into the life of the Christ of all times,
Into the infinite Light of Supreme Truth,
Into the absolute force of the Self,
Into the force of all Masters.

He is the Christ of the oppressed,
Of those who hunger and thirst for justice,
Of those who are persecuted,
Of those exhausted by the cycles of sufferings.
The Christ of the meek of heart,
The Christ of the sage and the ignorant,
The Christ of the conscious and the unconscious.

He is the Christ of hopes,
The Christ of the simple-hearted,
Of the just,
Of the compassionate,
Of those who  are pure in hearts,
The Christ of the peacemakers,
The Christ of divine justice.

He is the Christ of the children,
Of perfect happiness,
Of divine love,
Of the Maha Devas.
The Christ that is born in the stable,
The Christ of the humble carpentry,
The Christ of Joseph and Mary.

He is the Christ of sowings and croppings,
The Christ of the Supreme Kingdom,
Of the direct path,
Of the pure intuition.
The Christ of initiatic meditation,
Of the tendering devotion,
Of the bread that nourishes and satisfies.

He is the Christ of those that shine like the Sun,
The Christ of the apostles, of the beatitudes.
The Christ of the fishermen,
Of the deep sea,
The Christ of the lamb
And of the shepherd.

He is the Christ of John the Baptist,
Of Francis of Assisi,
The living Christ of Simon Peter,
The Christ of the Perfect Community.
The Cosmic Christ,
Of the Maha Yogis,
The Christ of the Light, of the Path, of the Supreme Truth.

(from the book "Maha Gita Purusham do Bem-Aventurado", by Sri Maha Krishna Swami)

The Christ has come many times, before and after his coming as the Sublime Nazarene. He came through Ramakrishna, through Ramana, and through all Masters that are conscious of the Supreme Truth. The Christ is not a body, a breed. Christ is the Light, is like the Sun. It is always shining, not worried whether there is good or evil people, whether the world is good or bad. The world does not affect he who meditates, he who is a devotee. Only is affected by external things he who is attached to them. The one who, despite living in the world, despite having a body, is not attached to shapes and appearances, is not affected by worldly things. We do have a body but we are not the body. We inhabit the body as we inhabit a house. As the house is wasted by time, so is the body. It is the internal world of people that is bad. That is the world that must be fixed. We must not consider the external world to be the issue, but rather the internal world so we can recognize and follow the one who comes in the name of the divine. Jesus said no one would have peace until he would say “blessed is he who comes in the name of the divine”.

It is necessary to experience, to feel the teachings of Master Jesus and not just learn from them. Learning only is useless. It is necessary to use those teachings to free oneself from all the evil that is believed to come from the devil but, in fact, comes from men themselves who deliberately create all of their troubles. More than ever men must surrender themselves to the practice of meditation, of devotion, and live the sacred teachings in their essence. And by these means feeling will arise, and by this feeling the full conscious of the Supreme Truth rises.

He Who Practices Evil Hates The Light

Master Jesus said: “I am the Light of the world, I am the supreme peace, I am the open door through which all can come and know the Truth, and this Truth will set you free. This Truth is called compassion and will comfort the heart of men. I am the good shepherd, I am the path, the truth and the life, I am the bread that nourishes and satisfies, I am the rising of the universal love”. While the Master is on Earth we must walk with him, because he is the Light. When Light is lacking it is hard to walk the path. We may stumble and fall. When men decided to eliminate Master Jesus they fell in error, and this caused serious consequences that will endure until the end of this cycle.

Wherever the Master is there is Light. Walk while there is Light. As Jesus Christ said: “No one lights a lamp to hide it”. The Masters had lit the Light and it will never be extinguished because it is the Supreme Light. The Masters do not hide it. They climb the highest mountain so that all men can benefit from it. The Supreme Self is the Light, and in its surroundings the darkness, the unconsciousness do not survive. It is the man who is constantly contaminated by the spiritual unconsciousness, denying the Light-Truth that inhabit in him. All spiritual duty of a human being consists of him making his existence on Earth a pure and luminous expression, according to the divine essence that he is.

In the universe there is no element other than light that is uncontaminatable. All things accept impurity, excepting light. When we wash with pure water something impure, water becomes impure. The impure object cannot neutralize itself, but just transfer impurity to another. Only light is uncontaminatable and can penetrate all impurities in the material world without becoming impure. In truth, we are the Light of the world. We can be pure among the impure, we can purify the impurities without being contaminated by them. It is the most sublime and pure force of the enlightened  man. Purity rises from the One Truth, reflected in the heart of all beings, while impurity rises from the illusion of the profane ego.

The Sublime Master affirms that man must get the full understanding of all aspects of Truth so that he can shine in unity with the Supreme Light. The man that is purified by the consciousness of the Truth will never feel offended by unfair acts or words from others, as these offenses do not affect he who is one with the Truth. No man enlightened by the consciousness of the Supreme Truth is proud of the full understanding of himself, but rather is humbly thankful to the Force that acts in the entire universe for he being conscious of this Force and one with it.

The Supreme Light is reflected in the spiritual heart of all beings in the universe. Those who know it renounce the profane ego to help those who suffer the terrible illness of spiritual unconsciousness. Because of this, you must let shine the Light that you are, because this Light is the Supreme Self that shines in the right side of the chest. But it will only shine when the powerful illusion of the profane ego is put away. It will shine through the transparency of the divine love.

Let the teachings sowed on Earth by the Great Masters not be in vain, so that all men can become conscious of the Supreme Truth. It is the only safety. And there is no other on Earth, for all that arises today, dies tomorrow. There is safety only in the divine.

(From the book “Self”, by Sri Maha Krishna Swami)


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