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Peace Times

These are times
Of supreme peace,
Also of transformation
Of the cycles.
Men are at war
But it is time of peace.

Let us meditate involved in peace
Abandoning doubts
And contradictions.
Let us leave sins
Praying with empty hands.

In peace, without war,
All Ignorance
And unconsciousness

Let us rise
Among the fire
Of divine devotion,
Feeling the beat
Of eternity.

(from the book "Maha Gita Purusham of the Blessed One", by Sri Maha Krishna Swami)

In days like today Lord Buddha taught on Earth. His teachings are of peace and supreme love, and indicate the sacred middle way.

The teaching of Buddha is based on the discovery that all human suffering is related to the pain caused by the immense cycles of birth and death. It is possible to end this cycle of rebirth and escape the sufferings of mundane life when man ends in himself all the influence that the ego and the mind exert upon him.

The first cause of suffering arises from the desire for transitory things; the second cause is in the lack of self control; the third cause is the ignorance man has of his own essence.

But there is a path that leads to serenity, to self-knowledge and to supreme peace. This path is characterized by the extinction of the sensation of individuality in man, who believes to possess a personality, an ego, a mind.

There are four means to acquire control over oneself:

1.   Preventing the rising of bad qualities.
2.   Disposing the bad qualities already existent.
3.   Producing the kindness that still does not exist.
4.   Searching with sincerity for the Supreme Truth
      and persevering in the search.

To control oneself is to overcome the ego and the mind. The mind is the precursor of all activities and perceptions. It is the strongest of all sensorial powers. Mind is, by itself, impure, inconstant, fast; it flies to wherever it wants to, it is hard to be watched for  and controlled by the very person who let himself be dominated by its illusory creations, and by him who gives to his own mind a real existence. This is why one is invaded by sufferings.

Man must open his eyes, awaken and see things as they really are. He who is awake no longer fears nightmares. He, who discovers he is not the ego, abandons all greed, desires and egoism.

Happy is the one who overcame all egoism, who reached all peace and found the Truth within himself and became the very Truth.

(extracted from the book "Supreme Truth", by Sri Maha Krisnha Swami)


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