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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi - The sage of Arunachala

Bhagavan Sri Ramana was born in Tiruchuzhi, a village in Southern India, in 1879, and was named Venkataraman. At the age of fourteen he prepared to enter the university of Madras, however he felt that those studies would not be useful to him, as worldly wisdom could not make him conscious of the Truth of Being.

Some time later he came through an extraordinary experience. He felt he integrate with the universe, and asked: “who am I? My consciousness is not at all touched.” So he understood that he was apart from the physical body, from the mind and from the senses. He only felt the cosmic beat and concluded: “I am consciousness”. After this, Ramana abandoned home and headed to Tiruvannamalai, where he first settled down in caves and temples. Since many disciples approached him, he moved to an Ashram at the foot of Arunachala, where he received people throughout the world to learn from him.

Sri Ramana became more than just a remarkable Master from India. He leaped from the paintings that adorned the altars of the temples right into our existence. He ordered Sri Maha Krishna to make, in the West, the Great Union among men, making the Truth of Being known and accessible to everyone. It was by his will that Sri Maha Krishna Swami settled in Brazil, indicated by the Sat Guru as the place where the sacred teachings of all the Great Masters would be preserved, experienced and made accessible to all.

The wisdom of Bhagavan is unsophismable, is not limited to words, it touches the essence of each person: it is the force of silence, the Upadesa Sharanam, that irradiates from Sri Ramana to all. By codifying the path to self-consciousness, Sri Ramana created, in fact, the solution for all those who pursue self-knowledge. Until then, the access to the wisdom of the Masters was exclusive to the hermits of silence. Sri Ramana showed a path that is possible of being walked freely, according to the conditions of modern life.


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