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Sri Maha Krishna Swami

Master Sri Maha Krishna Swami was born in Índia in 1935 and from his boyhood he had self-discovery as his single interest in life: discovering, broadening and expanding himself to the Universal Self. At the suggestion of Mahatma Gandhi he went to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the sage of Arunachala, and received the Sacred Initiation from him.

In the period he stayed with Ramana, Sri Maha Krishna Swami absorbed all that the Silent Force from this Sad Guru transmitted him through the Sacred Upadesa. He learnt how to master the mind and consequently brought under control the body and the senses. By the practice of deep meditation he became conscious of the Universal Self, which is the very essence of man.

After a few years a need for heading the West had arisen. And Sri Maha Krishna Swami heard these words from Bhagavan Sri Ramana: “In the West you will teach the Direct Path of Self-Realization to all. Do not spread my name, but the Supreme Truth.”

After being to several countries, Sri Maha Krishna Swami settled down in Brazil. Together with Sutra Maha Devi, they founded the Bhagavan Sri Ramanashram, a place to guide the disciples in the Direct Path of Spiritual Self-Realization, by the practice of Maha Yoga.

The purpose of Sri Maha Krishna Swami is to set up the Direct Path of Self-inquiry, which is so necessary in this age of dense spiritual darkness. He did not come to establish a new religion, sect or philosophy, as those are not the answer. The path he indicates unites all the apparent divergences between the creatures and the Divine, forging the Indivisible Unity we have always been in essence.

Sri Maha Krishna Swami is also an acknowledgeable author of a large collection of books, some of them translated into other languages.


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